23 Jul

6 Reasons You Should Hire an Interior Designer


One of the biggest hassles in home remodeling and designing is the actual planning of the project. We then have the decision making, and of course our partners opinion that is often different than yours. Did I mention budget? Hiring the right contractor…. wait, do I really need a general contractor? All of those things tend to create a large amount of stress and frustration during the remodeling process. What if I told you that hiring an interior designer will help you with all of those problems? There seems to be a stigma about interior designers and what they actually do… Do they just put some pretty pillows on the sofa? Do they manage the whole process? And the main question of all is….can you afford a designer? I say you can’t afford NOT to hire one and here is why.


  1. Hiring an Interior Designer will save you money

Have you ever picked a beautiful paint color in the store, painted a wall and it looks completely different? Have you purchased a sectional that should fit in your space based on dimensions but when you brought it home something just isn’t right?

An Interior designer will help you avoid those costly mistakes. Yes, it seems like an oxymoron because you have to pay a designer’s fee. However, interior designer will carefully consider your budget and work with furniture vendors and trades that meet that budget. A designer will help you avoid additional purchases, restocking fees and educate you on the concept of trends vs style that will last a long time.



  1. Hiring an Interior Designer will save you time

The only thing more valuable than money is time! We have all gone down the rabbit hole of searching for that one perfect chair online, just to realize that the fabric is not right with the sofa or that the scale doesn’t work. Fine, you’ll just return it… but that takes a lot of time. You then head back online to reselect. Experienced designers look at the room as one cohesive space and when the room is designed, every little detail is considered. A designer will also provide you with the detailed timeline of all the scheduled trades, as well as furniture arrival. Most exciting part of it all, you will receive all of your furniture in one day. Typically, Interior Designers will store your furniture at a warehouse, inspect it, handle any imperfections or returns all behind the scenes so when you receive your furniture, you will get that true HGTV Reveal Day!


  1. An Interior Designer will help you define your style

You probably have an amazing Pinterest board, but when it comes to bringing it to life there seems to be a disconnect. It is probably because you need some help defining your style. Your designer will help you hone down your style and bring that Pinterest worthy room to fruition.



  1. You will have a uniquely designed space

Interior designers have the opportunity to review furniture from 1000’s of different vendors before they hit the stores. There are several furniture markets that showcase the latest and the greatest styles. Those vendors often work exclusively with designers and do not sell the furniture in retail stores or websites. Your designer will curate the entire room specifically for you!


  1. Your designer is your liaison

Your designer will be in your corner during the entire process. They will be your liaison through communication with your architect and/or contractor. Communication between all the different trades such as electrician, flooring professional and architect are going to be a crucial component of your project. Your designer will use their knowledge and expertise to manage all aspects of your project.

  1. Hiring trusted trades

Typically the homeowner spends time to receive three different quotes from each tradesman they are going to hire. This again is very time consuming. When you work with a designer, they will only introduce you with their trusted trades with whom they have experience working with. Your designer is there to represent your best interest and they will only recommend reliable tradesman.

To work with us, schedule your discovery call today and let us help you design your dream home!

05 Apr

Designing Your Home Office

Hello Design Lovers,

I hope that everyone is staying safe and sane in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are asked to work from home while providing schooling for our children and results for our bosses and clients. I have seen numerous posts from peoples make shift desks and wanted to provide some advice on how to spruce  up your work area and make your workspace more productive.

Designing Your Home Office

Our environment plays a huge role in the way we feel and the way we work, so, having a designated workspace is very important. Trust me, I have done my fair share of working from my kitchen table and having to pack everything up at the end of the night so that we can eat dinner. Not all of us have the luxury of having a home office (YET), but we should still make sure that there is one area in the home where we can simply sit down and work! So, whether you are working from an actual home office, or a small area, here are some things you should consider when decorating your work space.


If you have natural light in your work area, make sure it has sheer drapery panels and not heavy sun blocking ones. Natural light energizes us and let’s face it, it’s the best light for video! If the office does not have natural light, invest in a pretty chandelier. Even though most corporate offices use white cold LED lights, I strongly recommend warmer lights for the home office. It’s all about feeling comfortable and aggressive lighting can do just the opposite.

Comfy Chair 

I am not sure when cute dining room chairs became a substitute for a work chair but they should not be! Yes we want it to look cute, but we also need to make sure it is a comfortable chair that will not start hurting your back as you keep working!


Colors can evoke different emotions in our work space. Although color emotion is different for everyone; yellow tones are known to spike up the productivity and greens evoke the feeling of relaxation. Keep your wall color neutral, but do add some pops of color in the form of accessories or art. This is a great way to add some brand colors. Your workspace should represent your brand and this doesn’t mean putting your logo on the wall, it means that there should be hints of your brand color or your brand message in your space.


Adding some greenery can improve your air quality and add some color to your space. It’s bright and it makes a great bookshelf or tabletop décor. Try succulents if you have a hard time keeping things alive. If you are not a plant lover, you can decorate with fresh flowers!



Minimalistic approach is the best way to go! Visual clutter can make us feel unorganized and less productive. Use cute storage boxes to hide the visual clutter; they can be functional and decorative!


Be Video Conference Ready!

When decorating your space, you should always think about what others are seeing when you are on a video conference call. It should look effortless yet intentional. Fun ways to add interest to your background could be floating shelves, a gallery wall, or one large piece of art! Empowering words or quotes are always great!


If you would like to work with us on improving the look and function of your work environment please take a look at our Online Design for our virtual design package!

11 May

Kendra Scott’s Home Décor

Hello design lovers! Natasa here! Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an event at Kendra Scott’s Brookfield location and I wanted to share some of it with you. We called it “Jewels for your Home”!


If you love fashion, you probably own a piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott. However,  did you know that they have home accents as well? Their latest addition to the home decor is an amazing candle collection. These candles are luxurious in fragrance as well as looks. Available Here



I had so much fun styling this coffee table setup with candles along with their trays, frames and of course jewelry boxes.



These boxes and trays are made out of natural stone and will bring a touch of glam to any space. It truly is jewelry for you home!


I absolutely love Kendra’s story and their dedication to the community the each of their stores brings. They are philanthropic, friendly and oh so fashionable!I am so happy to work with our Milwaukee Kendra Scott ladies, located in the Corners of Brookfield.



Natasa Jones Interiors

21 Mar

5 reasons you should be excited about the new IKEA coming to our town!


Hello Wisconsin!!! Chances are you have seen the new blue and yellow sign standing proud on I-94. If you are like me, you have made at least a couple trips to Chicago’s IKEA every time you moved or remodeled. Now that we’re getting our very own IKEA on May 16th, I wanted to share why you need to be excited about it!


  1. Contemporary Vibe – In the last few years, Milwaukee got several furniture stores that are a much better option than our usual puffy recliner retailers… Stores such as Crate and Barrel and West Elm made it a bit easier to find modern looks locally. With addition of IKEA, we now have a place with that Euro-contemporary vibe. Scandinavian design is very much on trend right now and IKEA definitely has much to offer in this category.


  1. Mix it up – Think of it as mixing Christian Louboutins with a cute dress from H&M or Zara (Btw, when are we getting a Zara store in Wisconsin? )… Pairing a beautifully made classic sofa with some cute pillows from Ikea is a great way to mix high and low cost items. IKEA’s pieces are designed to make a statement and add a trendy touch to your home. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices… Get that mid century inspired chair you’ve been thinking of and mix it with your classic office desk. It creates so much visual interest and depth.


  1. Change it up – Because of IKEA’s affordability and accessibility you can change things up often. IKEA has amazing finds that are very trendy and will make your home look fresh… but when those trends pass, you can easily go back for something new or different! And who doesn’t love to shop for more? These trendy hexagon shape mirrors are a great way to brighten up an entryway, or even add it above a headboard for an interesting wall art.


  1. Customizable FurnitureIf you’ve ever used Pintrest and I know you have, you have seen at least a few IKEA Hacks.  IKEA has some pieces that are very minimalistic in design…. I personally love the minimalistic look, but if you love that rose gold hardware, or that navy blue dresser, go ahead… paint it navy and add that bling to it! There are also pieces that, with a little imagination, can be used differently. For example these bookshelves are actually spice racks… I painted them white and used them in my daughter’s room for her baby books. Once she outgrew those shelves, we repurposed them in the playroom as art supply storage!



  1. Organizing in StyleI cannot talk enough about IKEA’S amazing organizing tools. I believe that well designed home also needs to be a well organized home. For a Pintrest worthy pantry, check out their IKEA 365+ collection and mix it up with some baskets and voila, you got your self a functional and organized space.

So get ready Milwaukee… IKEA will officially be open on May 16 ! Mix things up and add some European flare in your home. And if you are intimidated by all the options, you know who to call for help!






05 Oct

5 Modern Fall Décor tips, without a drop of orange

Happy fall to all! We have approached the season of pumpkin spice lattes; sweaters and chunky scarves and we are excited for all things fall. I wanted to share some ideas for autumn décor without using the expected colors of fall. If you’re like me, you love neutrals and cooler tones and it’s ok to stay true to your style even during pumpkin season.

  1. Homey sign – You can evoke a feeling of warmth without using a drop of orange or burgundy color. Find a sign that has a message of home or family,  it will give your décor a warmer aesthetic.


     2. Greens – Instead of oranges, use deep greens for color. I am a huge advocate of real flowers and plants and           really wanted to use eucalyptus for this décor, however I could not find any, so pssssst… don’t tell anyone, these are faux eucalyptus branches from Hobby Lobby. I used 10 branches to create a fuller effect.


  1. Pumpkins – I used a combination of real white and green pumpkins as well as some decorative pumpkins in neutral tones. Try to have several different sizes to create more visual interest.


  1. Tray Centerpiece – I like using a decorative tray as a nest for my coffee table or dining table centerpiece. It creates more interest and it’s easy to remove once you’re ready to serve dinner. For this particular décor I used some Spanish moss to add more texture to the centerpiece.



     5. Neutral Elements – add some wooden pieces, fur or leather for a cozy feel.


Hope you enjoy this neutral but fun fall décor.

Until next time,