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05 Oct

5 Modern Fall Décor tips, without a drop of orange

Happy fall to all! We have approached the season of pumpkin spice lattes; sweaters and chunky scarves and we are excited for all things fall. I wanted to share some ideas for autumn décor without using the expected colors of fall. If you’re like me, you love neutrals and cooler tones and it’s ok to stay true to your style even during pumpkin season.

  1. Homey sign – You can evoke a feeling of warmth without using a drop of orange or burgundy color. Find a sign that has a message of home or family,  it will give your décor a warmer aesthetic.


     2. Greens – Instead of oranges, use deep greens for color. I am a huge advocate of real flowers and plants and           really wanted to use eucalyptus for this décor, however I could not find any, so pssssst… don’t tell anyone, these are faux eucalyptus branches from Hobby Lobby. I used 10 branches to create a fuller effect.


  1. Pumpkins – I used a combination of real white and green pumpkins as well as some decorative pumpkins in neutral tones. Try to have several different sizes to create more visual interest.


  1. Tray Centerpiece – I like using a decorative tray as a nest for my coffee table or dining table centerpiece. It creates more interest and it’s easy to remove once you’re ready to serve dinner. For this particular décor I used some Spanish moss to add more texture to the centerpiece.



     5. Neutral Elements – add some wooden pieces, fur or leather for a cozy feel.


Hope you enjoy this neutral but fun fall décor.

Until next time,


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